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1:50 Scale Model MERCEDES BENZ Actros 8x4 tractor with GOLDHOFER 10-axle Tube Transporter

Presented here is the 1:50th scale Actros 8x4 prime mover with Goldhofer 10-axle modular trailer and tube transporter attachment in Schaumann livery from Conrad. The model is supplied in a foam lined box with all the separate parts of the trailer securely packed. There is a small bag of fixings which are used to build the model in one of several different configurations.
 The adapter plate which connects to the tube load has a number of holes allowing different sizes of load to be connected.
The silver metal walkway with integrated safety rails are separate and push into the holes on the adaptor.
Conrad have supplied small connection pieces in the box allowing the model to be displayed in a transport configuration without load by linking the two main adaptors together.
The adaptors have hydraulics to extend the telescopic frame to grip the tube load. The adaptors can also be connected directly to the trailer modules using the supplied plastic pins to give an alternative setup.
The rear module consists of 6 axle lines which have linked steering of each axle. The supports that connect the wheels to the frame pivot to represent the suspension found on the full sized modules and the width of the frames are a little wider that the previous Goldhofer modules produced by Conrad. The adaptor plate clicks into place on the centre of the module and a rear panel, complete with Goldhofer markings, lights and printed warning markings pushes into place on the rear module.
The two adaptor plates have holes where the shaped plastic brackets with threaded pins can be inserted and fixed with small nuts to secure them into position before connecting the plastic tube load. The large tube load has a rim on each end where the plastic brackets locate. Extending the adaptor frame causes the brackets to grip the tube and the main hydraulics connecting the adaptors to the modules can then be adjusted to raise the tube load off the ground.
There is a metal wire supplied with the model which connects between the front and rear frames with four small clips that allow the service lines to run allong the side of the tube load and assembling this can be a little tricky (Not shown in the pictures). It is included to give a little more detail and realism.
The front module has four steerable axle lines with a gooseneck connecting up with the fifth wheel of the Actros 8x4 tractor. The tractor has accurately reproduced road tread tyres with finely detailed silver and red wheel hubs with silver guards connected to the chassis. The front and second axle feature linked steering although you cannot achieve much movement before the wheels foul the chassis.
The frame has a pintle hitch mounted at the rear with the plastic fifth wheel connected to the top of the frame. The large fuel tank and cooling system is mounted into a frame located behind the cab which has streamlined side panels with printed Schaumann logos. The cab features a replicated interior with two amber beacons fixed to the roof and rear view mirrors which need fixing to the cab's frame.
This is another good release from Conrad with a striking orange paint finish and accurately reproduced Schaumann logos. The addition of various fixings and pins allows the model to be assembled in several different configurations which is a very welcome touch.
The Schaumann Heavy Haulage Fleet
 Photo gallery of MERCEDES BENZ Actros 8x4 tractor with GOLDHOFER 10-axle Tube Transporter

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